2020: The Passing

For the time will come when men will not tolerate sound doctrine, but with itching ears they will gather around themselves teachers to suit their own desires. So they will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths.
-2 Timothy 4:4

Goddess Inanna: “The words I speak are holy. Let no man claim them as his own.

My daughter, rest your head; relax; allow my love to wash over you like the Cypriot waves. Let your heart open wider so that you may feel my own heart beating inside of yours. We are one, you and I. You came from me, born into a chaotic and beautiful world of joy and pain so that you may feel all human things while the ancient and divine mysteries are brought to the surface of your soul.

The summertime, my love; the summertime is coming. The roses are telling you their secrets while still emerging. Be. Being. Be one with yourself who is me. Feel my power dancing in your veins. The light is within you as Helen and as Nanaea, you are the light.

Taking the steps, you realize that so much from the underneath is seething. You know that destinies are woven by the hands of men in the material world. The Passing is a disturbance and not a tidal wave. What you are seeing in the physical was created from the abyss and bought with the blood of innocents. Even the old and sick who they believe to be a burden are filled with the powerful Star and they will remember and so will karma. Breathe deeply. Through me comes hope. Have faith. Exhale. There is love in that air.

Do you see your words, dancing in the ethers? They are seeds. Begin planting those seeds among the wildflowers. They shall grow as roses and the wildflowers shall lean towards them and take on their appearance. This is the power of your seeds and the essences of my love. You are the gardener of your land and your land is filled with all the things you have chosen to grow. You have chosen to grow strong trees, seasonal blooms, weeds and fruit. It is time to clean your garden, prune your trees, pull up those weeds and cut out what is not needed and not productive. Pick your fruit. Eat some, preserve some for later. Be ready.

You wanted me to speak about the frequencies that are projected by the dark brotherhood and now I also speak to all. The same dark brotherhood sends out frequencies for different people and they are affected in various ways exclusive to them. Each party believes that they are speaking about freedom and wisdom and while thinking that they are so different from each other, they are simply being divided by the hypnotic frequencies and they forget that they both want the same thing. This is the true meaning of the ‘Confusion of Tongues.’

Each infected person is implanted with trigger words that will send them into a frenzied state whenever those trigger words are mentioned. They have been led to believe that fallacies are truth while in reality, they are smoke screens to occupy their minds like invaders to curtain the true agendas being created in front of the very eyes of the blind.
Conspiracies and confusion rule the day and all those affected are being used as instruments of the false matrix, feeding and creating bigger lies in the matrix of falsehoods. There are many agents deceiving you, proclaiming to hold truth, but they are the servants of those they preach against. These agents go under enigmatic aliases, bringing so-called truths while ensnaring minds into nets of deception and culling hopes into a pit of despair. Do not fall into this pit or be captured by these nets; listen only to the voice of spirit.

The power and faith humans give to the woven stories that are released into your world, even the most terrible ones, the more they manifest them into reality so all must think wisely. Even if you try to teach them, they will reject it because they are tied to these frequencies yet if they had kept their faith in the divine and stayed within the light of the divine, they would not have been led into these traps. They are the Fooled and the dark ones laugh at how easy their minds are to control.

All of humanity has been told that to stay safe from being overtaken, they must stay within the beating of the hearts of the gods and to turn to us for shelter as we are the makers of love and truth.

As you have been taught before, place your left hand over your heart and ask your questions; they shall be answered in one way or another.

The leader of the world has not yet come into being and those who are assumed to be the chosen are simply creating the patterns and channels to prepare the way even if their actions are not based on the goodness of mankind.

You are the radiance of the stars and The Hope of Pandora. You are the Door of Righteousness. You are what is reborn from the ashes and the aftermath of wars. Faith, hope and love are your names and you must continue to fight wearing my armour. The summertime, my love; the summertime is the time of The Passing. This is when things will change.

This is the Time of the Passing, as the ark of my matrix passes into your world and the lies are wiped from the slate. It is the Time of the Passing when Saturn passes the door of those obedient to me, the Mother and the Holy Spirit. It is the coming of the new beginning, the new chapter of Earth’s history and you have manifested my Word into being. You have stayed a loyal daughter and fought for my Word among men.

It is the time of recycling and the shift in global power and all reality is hanging by the Thread of Ariadne who has created the labyrinth for all to enter as all must pass the test of finding their way to the other side. Only through the light of faith and truth shall they find their way and remember that the Minotaur has been set free. Again, I say, only the TRUTH will help you find your way; if you turn your back on TRUTH and are a victim of the false matrix, you shall not reach the other side.

You know that this situation is going to get worse before it will get better. This is just the way these events go. It will take a long time to return to some form of normalcy for all of you.

For protection, use my symbols drawn with your finger dipped in olive oil on your front door and any windows while saying prayers of protection. Also, use incense to cleanse the air. As you know, Frankincense was used in ancient Christian rites to not only cleanse evil but to also cleanse the ‘bad air’ which included viruses and disease.

On the 4th April 2020, there will be another huge shift which I want you to be aware of. Things will get very difficult and more chaotic but this is also the beginning of a great change and the true beginning of The Passing. You must do as you are told to do for now until you are freer to stand your ground. You must just pass through this; you must allow this to pass and be as patient as possible. You must stay safe and accept that this is the situation right now. Just be patient.

Always remember that this is your time now and you are passing this for a reason. All Earth events, created by dirty hands or by your own, are chapters of your spiritual journey and you are taking part in the creation of the new world not only for you but for the new generations to come. Your souls will be noted in the Akasha as being the souls that witnessed the changing of an age and the coming of a holy existence within the divine matrix of the new aeon. Be proud of yourselves.

This has always been my lesson to you; to stay on the middle path and do not look left nor right. Keep your ear to the lips of the gods and believe.”









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