For the Beauty of Helen-Divine World Order

Helen, the most beautiful woman in the world represented all that was beautiful. Beauty represents World Order and the taking of Helen was an attack not only on World Order but Divine World Order as she was given to the world by the gods, a manifestation and avatar in the material of me, the Goddess Aphrodite.

While during those times, the Hellenes did not respect the meaning of Helen, it was still the responsibility of the Hellenes to keep world order as I had birthed the Western Civilization and its mysteries from the East as Inanna to the West as Anassa or Kypris or Aphrodite. This is why, when Helen had left, the Kings of the Hellenic states united together to reclaim their icon of World Order back to where she belonged. The Hellenic Kings, all divinely appointed and born, understood that Helen is the Grail and that without her within their matrix the World Order would fall into Chaos. The Hellenic Kings are the pioneers of Western civilization who built its cornerstones using the energy of me.

While the birthplace of the Eastern mysteries that birthed the western mysteries may devalue the worth of the western mysteries, it does not demote its importance to humanity as it was the will of the gods. Who is any human to go against the will of the gods? Whether people agree or disagree, Helen is the symbol of Divine World order and the cornerstones that was built upon her beauty was misplaced.

Helen later became known as Sophia by the Christian Gnostics. Sophia who is the epitome of Wisdom became known as the Divine World Order within your material world and this is why you was given the story of Simon Magus searching for his Helena within the brothels of the world where she was being prostituted and used and abused as they wished. Whether you believe in the existence of Simon Magus and Helena, whether or not you believe in the existence of Helen of Troy and Sparta, the story is telling you about the Divine World Order which are patterns woven into your consciousness as guidelines so that you never forget the algorithms in your world, the divine algorithms.

The ancients via the gods kept these records of the divine algorithms in order to remind all of the importance of keeping in alignment with the divine plan of the Divine World Order to keep the balance.

Divine Order is beautiful in the material for it is divinely made. Sacred Geometry is beautiful and represents the Divine World Order in the physical world. As you have been shared by my representative Nanaea, Eros told you how Beauty will save the world. Now that I have explained to you what Beauty is and why it was so important to the Hellenes, now do you understand it? The beauty that is Sacred Geometry is written with the coding of Helen.

The Hellenes were faced with many obstacles in reclaiming Helen and these obstacles were placed in front of them by the gods to ensure that they were truly dedicated to returning Divine World Order, Beauty, back to her rightful place.

I ask you to refrain from reverting to conspiracy theories of the ‘New World Order’. In all things there is and must be order otherwise there would be chaos. Right now in your world, there is a false world order and this is apparent by the chaos of your society. It is also apparent that at some point the Hellenes lost Helen who is order once again but this time she truly was stolen from them and their goal is to unite and retrieve her in order for Divine World Order to be installed.

The souls of the Hellenic Kings and Queens shall rise again and unite its people in reclaiming Helen. Only then shall their world be restored and only then shall THE World be brought back into the order of divine rule. They have been at work for the longest time, waiting for the right moments while they wore the banner of the rose and the cross.

I have told you recently that I AM the divine mind. The mind is what lives within the head. I AM the divine mind within the head. Can you understand?

Let us speak about the polarised world you are living in. the Labrys is swinging side to side, from one extreme to the other, cutting off heads as it swings from left to right. It is the pendulum of the World Clock ticking until Kronos comes to cleanse and Hades comes to take away. And still, the Labrys will swing from left to right, clearing the way for the righteous to rebuild a divine civilization that is constructed upon the divine algorithms brought to the West by the ancient Hellenes. And at that time, the Labrys will stand still in motion as it has found its balance which is the mind at peace, a reflection of the ancient labyrinths.

You will see the symbols written in your skies just as the symbols of the Hellenes were given to them as letters which were written upon a stone by the lightning bolts by the one they knew as Zeus. This is true fire and there is a beauty in the true fire for it is clean and another gift, implemented by PROME THEIA. Take these symbols and make a formula.

All that is in order is beautiful. All that is beautiful is Helen. Helen the bride. Helen the Ennoia. Helen the Warrior who contains within her my original attributes known as Athena and Medusa. I am Venus and I AM returning to anoint my kings.






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