The Bubble of Peace

Celestial Blessings,

I am always seeing a particular post that teaches, “You do not need to attend every argument you are invited to.” and I strongly agree with this. So one morning with this on my mind I meditated with the Angels and they asked me to talk about allowing peace to be our teacher and trusting that peace is always the answer. So what does this mean?

We have all been in those situations with others which could erupt into an argument (for some it is an ongoing thing 😛 ) and this can happen when we are driving to or from work, in the workplace, in the home, in fact anywhere where we have to spend time with others. There are times when we meet one fiasco after another and it seems very difficult to stay in a place of peace when there are argument provoking situations arising here, there and everywhere.

If you are someone who usually believes it is better to argue a point rather than accept your differences, then step back and ask yourself what it is within you that needs to argue, that needs this other person to see you are right? Why is it so hard for you to step into your bubble of peace and not retaliate? Usually these situations arise BECAUSE peace is trying to teach you that arguing is not always the right way. One huge lesson I had to learn was to choose my battles wisely; sometimes they are needed to clear the air or to stand my ground and speak my truth and most times the middle way is the best way.

When we learn to step into that bubble of peace when we are wanting to erupt then we are able to find INNER peace and this allows us to see the situation as it truly is, thus teaching us to be calm in most occurrences and to keep our stress levels to a minimum. Yes, a lot of the stress we feel is through being irritated by others. So what is this bubble of peace? When you next find yourself in a situation where you feel you are compelled to argue, then see yourself stepping into a bubble of peace. This bubble of peace can be any colour you wish that symbolizes peace and serenity to you. For me, blue is the colour of peace and serenity so I step into a blue bubble of peace and count to ten. Yes, counting to ten really works as it gives ourselves time to calm down and reflect on the situation. It also helps us to see if we WERE wrong or overreacting or if our reaction due to a sensitive issue about ourselves or if the other person truly was goading you into an argument.

Remember; we are here on this earth to interact with others and no matter what we do we have to spend time with other people, even if its only for 5 minutes of your day.

How you act and react affects other people, so please consider saying a little affirmation when you wake up each morning such as:

“I bring joy to all I meet today” or “I am peace, I am love, I am patience and I will be patient with everyone I meet today.”

Before you step out of your door or even go online, surround yourself in your bubble of peace and hold the intention of having patience, love and respect for whoever you meet.

You can also call on Archangel Michael and ask him to show you the truth in all situations, even the truth about yourself.

Art by Josephine Wall

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