Mother of the Aeons 1122

Reaching the Ether, I allow it to surround me and enter into me and become me for all knowledge is taken when we surrender totally to the universe and allow it to work within. In the matrix of the Ether, there is no above, there is no below, there is no within, there is no without; there just simply IS.

I am not in any place, I am not in any time, I am not standing or floating. There is no movement, there is no static. Yet in an instant, the Ether anthropomorphised itself for me in the form of a man to permit my human brain to interact and understand its language.

I see a man, a muscular man that looks very much like the statue of Atlas and he is standing on the top of a mountain. He reaches out his hand to me and I reach to take it and I am immediately on top of the mountain with him. Still holding my hand, we silently look at what is in front of us from atop this mountain.

I see the entire world and every country and every animal and every human from where I am standing. I see the trees and the sea, the beaches and the cities. Without turning to me, he begins to speak:

“I am Acmon, my daughter. I am Acmon, my Nanaea.”

“I understand.” I reply.

“You know that to complete the tasks you have been given, you must sacrifice your human will to your divine will. You must pour the cup you have been given that contains the blood of the saints onto the Tree of Life and to do this you must sacrifice your human will. I tell you that what you have been asked to do is not simple yet neither is it impossible and it is not something you have not done time and time again.”

I say, “Why am I asked to keep repeating the cycle if the outcome always remains the same?”

He replies to me, “Because each time, you are closer to the accomplishment. Each time, you are closer to completing the Great Work of the universe and on Earth, among humanity, there is still an evil sickness that causes imbalance of the most monstrous proportions. This is the grinding underfoot of the stature of the Goddess in human conscious and raising only the male god. As long as this continues, so shall wars between humanity continue and so shall hate fester under the reign of patriarchy. Earth was and is intended to be under the guardianship of the Father and Mother and until she is risen there shall be no peace among people. So much blood. So much murder. So much pain. The screams are deafening. The ethers are aching from the screams. And it is all because the Mother, as a figure among the minds of men and women, is not realised and humanity do not consciously know her love and teachings. Any one who continues to raise the god above the mother shall know his own personal pain and any one who continues to not speak about her and sew her existence into the fabric of society shall befall the fruit of the tree of death and decay. This is not my doing nor anyone else’s but his own.

You were given a key at the church that you visited recently and you were given a ‘medicine’ to cure the sickness that you released inside of there that would ‘cure’ the sickness of hailing the male god only. The key, the golden key, is the key that opens the gates of ‘Eden’ and also the key to LOCK them. Keep it safe, for the dark ones are trying to force the gates and they will try to take you down in order to take it from you.

And now, your mother wishes to speak with you and explain to you more the truth of her existence and remember that the names you are given are for frequency purposes for you to find the answers in the numbers so that you will follow the key codes and understand your work.”

Suddenly I am taken to see myself as a newborn baby, dying from my mother’s antibodies killing my father’s blood within me and seeing the blood of strangers given to me along with all of their pain, happiness, memories, so that I could live. And with this image I cry and I ask what is the meaning of showing me this scene from my birth and near death? Acmon replies:

“So that you never forget your first resurrection and the origin that your love of humanity stems from. The ‘demons’ and ‘Angels’ fought for your soul for what a delight it was for them to have the chance to try to steal the sacred breath of the Ennoia. It was your Mother who saved you and she has many times since then.”

And then I am transported to a large hallway in a temple and the moon is blue and shining its rays inside the temple. There are two columns with a chair between them and on it is written:


And so I go to sit there.

Covered with veils, the mother comes to me. She is holding in her hand a pomegranate and she tells me to eat it. I eat it and I am nourished by her love. She then begins to speak:

“I am the Mother of the Aeons, my daughter. I am the Star of Salvation. It is I who gives birth to the aeons and so I am the Mother and Queen of the ages. So many have forgotten me, leaning to hide without the lies that there is a father alone yet how can a father give birth? I come to you again to impress the teachings of 11 and 22. Soon you will go to 33 but not yet.

As you have been told and have told all, i would bring you the divine magic of 22 and so now it shall come, showering on top of you with the codes of illumination woven into its frequencies. The ones who understand and who feel the passion rise within them when they speak about me shall be the architects of the new world and they shall witness the new aeon that I am giving birth to.

The criminals of the left and right continue to try to steal my wisdom in order to keep the illusion of a Motherless nation within the minds of men and women, where the lambs continue to speak only of the male god and Father.

My temple is being resurrected; my temple is being built within the matrix of Earth conscious and all are welcome to enter my temple; all those who have been rejected and ridiculed and shunned are all welcome to enter my temple and make it their home. It does not matter from which nation or their gender or their colour or their sexuality for I am the mother of the spiritual and material worlds and I clothed them in their beautiful skins. All may enter but only if they have love in their hearts and only if they are willing to be helped and to heal.

The rejected, the ridiculed and shunned, the lame, the sick, the addicts, the wounded, the rich, the poor, all who have welcomed me into their hearts shall be the witnesses of the new aeon and they shall see me giving birth to it; all of you are welcome to enter into The Rose Temple. I will never turn you away for I love you all and all of you are perfect in my thousand eyes.

And when it is time, the world shall know that they have a Father and a Mother and they shall learn this through the Divine Liturgy that is manifesting and being brought by the daughter of mine.

Humanity shall once again know WHO I AM and terror shall be no more…”







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