The Awakening: Message from Venus

“My beloved children, you have been told about the recent alignments in the heavens mirroring back to Earth and the significance of your year 2018 has also been explained to you. This is indeed the year of The Awakening and of the Shamballa frequencies penetrating your thoughts and aligning them with its own vibrations in order to help humanity rise above the corruption of false doctrines in order to re-introduce you to the true doctrine that is the H Θεία Λειτουργία, the divine liturgy.

It is time that you take an active role in leaving this material world and entering into the the divine world that is the divine matrix. This does not mean that your physical bodies will leave Earth but that your conscious will attune itself to the vibrations of the soul and that you live each day consciously and in agreement with your soul.

There are people who are fighting over land and people who are fighting over politics. There are people fighting over opinions and people fighting over events that happened during ancient Earth times. There are men and women fighting over their genders and over who is stronger. There are people fighting over religions and people fighting over the colour of their skin and what skin colour my son had when he manifested on Earth. You are not the colour of your skin, you are so much MORE than this. Yet WHO is fighting for the soul??? If they wish to fight, at least make it worthwhile. They are attached to the material and are worshiping false idols and they are false idols BECAUSE they are of the material and do not bear resemblance to the soul.

I tell you now that for enlightenment and ascension to occur you must not obsess over material things, whether it be political, land, religion or what he said or what she said and most definitely you must not focus on the colour of your skin. I tell you now that to rise above this world your focus must be on the soul and living each day within spirit for The Awakening is coming fast and shall be upon you and you must be prepared for the changes it expects from each person.

The skin that you wear is the clothing that I gave you and each skin colour has its own meaning but it was a GIFT! NEVER to be used as a weapon against each other! And again, it still does not define what you are!

I want you to say this mantra, no matter what colour skin you have, which was written by a master of Venus:

“I am not this hair, I am not this skin, I am the soul that lives within.”

Each culture must embrace each other and learn from each other and share each others culture with each other. Remember that equality does not come by condemning one culture or skin colour over another. Equality is only equality when there are no special standards set for any one group.

Each and every country will be touched by The Awakening and those countries that are preoccupied mainly with the physical material shall find it harder to adjust to the awakening frequencies. Each country has its own doctrines that are learned from one of its citizens to another and so should a country be focused mainly on the soul, then they shall find it easier to adjust.

“Why then have you hated me, you Greeks?
Because I am a barbarian among the barbarians?
For I am the wisdom of the Greeks
and the knowledge of the barbarians.
I am the judgement of the Greeks and of the barbarians.
I am the one whose image is great in Egypt
and the one who has no image among the barbarians.”

Do you understand this part of this poem from the Nag Hammadi library? It is telling you that while the Greeks had divine knowledge that was taught to them, in their arrogance they proclaimed all that were none Greek were ‘barbarians’ yet it was the ‘barbarians’ who did not worship the form or the material as the Greeks did and this is the lesson to all that the Greeks lost Helen because she is The Light; she is Illumination, and through their obsession with the form they lost the soul of their nation. The Jews did the exact same thing though while making their created god formless, they enforced the people to focus on the body and the traditions of man, insisting that the way to god is through physical cleanliness while neglecting purifying the soul, heart and mind which is what needs to be cleaned and by focusing on the traditions given to them by the divine.

Yet I have birthed masters within the Greek and Jewish people who are the manifested initiates from before present times and these sons and daughters are working to change the course of their nations. I have birthed masters in all races who are also working to change the outcome of their country and saving it from ignorance.

So am I saying that the material does not matter at all? Of course it does but it is not to be idolized. You do not worship the temple itself but what is within the temple and what it represents. You do not worship the church but what is within it and what it represents. Flesh rots and decays and buildings eventually fall down but the soul is immortal. This is the teaching being brought to you and the wisdom that will be offered to you.

Any national doctrines that enforce that they are above any other nation are the ones who will not partake in my Mana. The Awakening will move as a spirit among all and with it, it brings life giving food that nourishes the soul. I am teaching you all of these things because it really matters how you think and feel and even though it has come many times in the past 6 years, each time it is more potent.

And as the planets move and align the mother energies are becoming increasingly active on Earth and she, who loves her children equally, whatever their gender or skin colour or financial status or class, will no longer tolerate such imbalance that is now reigning; she will no longer tolerate patriarchy nor false dogmas regarding ‘God’ being only a male for this is a lie.

And all the time we have males expressing that they love the mother yet when do they speak about her who is the soul? We have women who insist that women are above men yet when they understand that men and women are my children?

I tell you that the time of trying to place the god or male above the Goddess is over; I shall not and do not tolerate it. This is the time to empower balanced thought by having balanced thoughts regarding the mother and father being the parents of you all.

There is more to come and more guidance. For now, remember to welcome the essence of Shamballa for the entrance of The Awakener is nigh.”

Please be sure you check the links below for related work and also check back regularly for upcoming reports on celestial and Earth events.


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