The Journey to the Rose

In my dream I saw that I was walking through a beautiful garden that was filled with roses, walking on a path that was lined by rose bushes and in front of me I could see a beautiful tree that was full of healthy, delicious looking fruit. I saw a rose vine spiraled around the tree and in the heart I saw Venus sitting on a throne holding her son/sun on her lap. As I looked up at the top of the tree I saw Venus joined as one with the son/sun whose face changed to Jupiter.

Venus who is known as Inanna, Ishtar, Aphrodite, Astarte, Asherah, stepped down from the tree and stood before me and smiled. She put her hands under my arms and lifted me like a child and placed me into the middle of the tree to sit on her throne with the son/sun sitting on my own lap.

I looked at the child and saw that he was Eros and he placed his finger to his lips and said,

“Shhh. Listen to Love speak to you. I shall tell you the secret of secrets, the true way and it is very simple. You walked the middle path and you found the tree. You walked naked and you found the tree. My mother, Aphrodite, is naked. This is because she walked WITHOUT the attachments of dogmas and adherence to any Earthly religion or earthly religious constructions. She is naked because she is not the victim of a building or man made thoughts. She is the living divine. She is the divine living.

And so you, Mother, walked naked, because you are free from the trappings of your material world; you are not tethered to dogmas of the material world; you are not an agent of human ideologies; you are not the member of a congregation of manipulated truths forged to jealous and punishing human created gods. I say to you that those who worship the ideas of man and the false idols created by man are sadly damning their souls for they are not walking the middle path which is The Way but they are following the bridge that leads to chaos and the abyss.

Wake up my Titane; wake up; for there is much work for you to do; there is much for you to write and teach.”

I awoke and slowly I was able to sit up and switch on my laptop and in a half sleep I began to type the words I could still hear:

Eros: “Every man and woman must choose the ‘god’ they serve. Each human must choose not between left or right but between divine or human creation; they must choose between DIVINE TRUTH or human created dogmas and ideals that have NO CONNECTION WITH DIVINE TRUTH.

Those who demonize the left ways are walking the path of the damned. Those who demonize the right ways are walking the path of the damned. They are a product of a bipolar society who are entrapped in the false matrix and they are behaving exactly like those who are trapped. The gods DO NOT FALL! And anyone wishing to insist that they do are blaspheming and blaspheming against the soul who is the Holy Spirit for they are declaring that the Holy Spirit has also fallen because she lives within all. To claim that the gods can fall is what you would call a ‘Satanist’, just so you understand the meaning. They are mind-controlled agents who are being subconsciously controlled to bring decay to a society that was created as a divine society yet who chose man and his ideas over divine truths.

The gods have not only left or rights sides; they are MULTIDIMENSIONAL and never are they evil in ANY of their aspects. I am love; can I be evil??? How can Lucifer, which I am, EVER be of darkness??? The bringer of the light is only demonized by those who are AFRAID of this light!

My father taught you not to look left and not to look right but to stay on the middle path for this is the path to salvation and this is the Journey of the Rose/Eros. When you do not walk this path you are wandering in the desert with the sand as your food. When you do not walk this path you are a lost soul who becomes a victim to the ‘devils’ of your world and become a ‘devil’ yourself for you do not have the LOGOS/LOGIC nor Wisdom for you forsake her when you denied to use the gifts she had given to you; you sold her for 30 pieces of silver. You called her mother but never was you her son or daughter because you turned your back on her and you did not make a home for her in your heart.

Who is my father? None will know my father as long as they identify him with any ethnicity or race on Earth for HE IS NOT OF THIS EARTH! Do you understand this my Titane?”

Helen: “Yes, my Lord; I know this.”

Eros: “The middle path is one of Wisdom; it does not harm another and does not wish to cause harm to another. The middle path is the one for the seeker of divine truth and the follower of ‘Sophia’ who lays down his beastly, human nature at her feet. This seeker seeks the heart, the heart that is the heart of the tree and this is the Rose, it is LOVE, it is TRUE enlightenment for the crown of horns he will gain as he climbs the tree AFTER union with his mother.

Herein lies wisdom, a teaching for those to understand:

The Bride of the Son/Sun becomes the mother when she resurrects him and rebirths him into a new life of enlightenment. This is when he becomes an an anointed one, a Christ. Turn his back on his Mother, his Bride and he has lost his Ennoia.

Is there anything better than the Mother? Is there anything beyond her? Is there any destination greater or more rewarding than the Rose? She IS the Tree of Life, the Anima Mundi, for she is the soul and empowerer of ALL life and without her there is only death and then non existence.

The Jews denied Asherah and they rejected and crucified Christ, her son. Their priesthood is the dark brotherhood who created a castrated and formless god, a false idol, a man made organization that was not based on what Abraham, the Babylonian and bearer of the Babylonian mysteries, had taught them.

The Greeks murdered their philosophers because they loved ‘Sophia’ and they abused and raped Helen and they lost her and although they were taught by Plato the Divine Theurgy they still claimed it came from THEM. Such arrogance! Plato, Pythagoras and the true masters all taught what THEY had been taught to teach which came from the Holy Garden of the Gods.  All roads began in Babylon and to Babylon shall they return.

And so they both murdered the memory of the soul who is the Mother and her divine son/sun who is the Father whom they castrated. Both went to war with the Divine Phallus of the Divine Groom in order to take power OVER the gods on Earth.

Why do you think this is? Why did they rebuke the soul who is the Mother and her divine son/sun and why did they take the form of God so that man could no longer identify himself with the Father? The divine council sent God to Earth with a face and for this they so despised him. Why, I ask you? It is because TRUTH is an outcast in the den of thieves! Truth is a light that shines in the darkness and a lie cannot parade as a truth any longer. They wished to keep the darkness because in the darkness they can declare that the devil parades as an Angel of Light until the Angel of Light conquers the darkness and shines the light upon the true ‘devil’ and illuminates the minds of men for What ‘God’ would create a mind yet refuse to share the divine nous with it???

Anyone who brought about such lies and tried to murder the Light who is Sophia who is Venus should never be supported and any that support such false logic must never be associated with the path of the Rose. To reveal TRUTH you cannot keep feeding the LIE and neither can you create a balanced society by only following the MALE god and believe you are in any way connected with the Rose; you must acknowledge and stand as a product of both the Father and the Mother if you are to become a true anointed child.

My Mother the naked Aphrodite, they called her a whore and the Great Harlot because of her NAKED TRUTH and they tried to cover her up, cover up the truth, with their ungodly, filthy lies. How can anyone support such an abomination against the SOUL?

Only through EROS can a man or woman learn the mysteries which are the divine truths; only through EROS will anyone hear the gods; only through opening the HEART and bowing down to the ROSE can anyone find peace and eternal life.  Did you not learn that all that remained of Dionysus was his heart and with this he was able to be reborn again?

Man, what truth do you possess that you wish to kill another for what you believe to be a lie??? It is not for Jesus nor Muhammad nor Jehovah nor Zeus nor Allah nor any title do you fight for but for your OWN self! For no divine being would demand you take the life of another to appease them. Do you believe a divine being cannot fight for themselves? And when they know ALL TRUTH why WOULD they? Are YOU ABOVE THE GODS? Who are YOU to bring the hand of Marduk that is the hand of JUDGMENT down on another’s head? No human is appointed and never shall they be; they are SELF appointed. All who take a life shall lose a life and all who wish for another’s death shall receive it for judgment belongs only to itself and neither man nor god can force its hand.

And so the choice now appoints you to decide if you will bow down to the soul and discard the beast that turns you into devils and serve the divine which you came from which has only ONE truth which is known by the TRUE masters and initiates! Do not be a false prophet and sink to your knees and worship the darkness for to be a true anointed one and an agent of the divine you must rise above the material world and deny the soul no more. The Rose is the only way to the light; only through and from the heart can you receive the crown of Inanna that is immortality through illumination.”



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