The Illumination of Eros

Eros, who is the son of Venus, is the masculine mirror of his mother.  This mirror, you will see, plays a very important role in this teaching.  Firstly though, we must understand the meaning of the ‘mirror’ and how it applies to both Eros and to his mother who gave her son the mirror that belonged to her.

The son of Venus is a very complicated archetype which needs wisdom coupled with understanding to grasp the concept of his essence for you see Eros, who is globally known as Jesus and Lucifer, the manifestations of the Christ, is the intellectual force of Venus who inspires humans to unite with the soul (Psyche) who is the feminine mirror of Venus.

The goal of all humans is to unite with the soul but it is also important for them to understand who they are in order to do this.  Eros, famous for his mirror, uses this to reflect the innermost self back to humans in order for them to deal with whatever needs to rise to the surface of their conscious from the subconscious as it is only through the willingness to work through their light and shadows can they enter a state of illumination which is of course Venus because she is the Mother of the Mysteries and the illuminator of the souls of men.  Here we can understand how Eros is the distributer of this light in its intellectual form yet because he is ‘Eros’ which is the Greek words for ‘(divine) love’ he aims straight for the heart of all beings and attempts to assist them in uniting their heart with their mind and the divine nous which is the divine mind.

So it is said that Eros is the binder and medium who binds all forms together as one, igniting the divine desire in man to unite with the soul and to unite with the heart, so that he lives a Thelemic life, a life where all senses are united as one and in alignment with the divine will.

Eros represents the true light of illumination and the astral light which is a false light which he uses as a veil over the sacred teachings in order to confuse those whose intentions are to abuse them, profane them and use them for their own gain.  These types are anchored to the material and they create misshapen idols out of their illusions.  These types are attracted to the astral light like moths to a flame because their ego desire is all that is illusion because they enjoy the falsity of the world which exists on a superficial level.

Even when these types are shown the true light they refuse to look at it because it forces them to really see themselves in the mirror of Eros and they cannot deal with what they see.  And so, they choose the astral light, the false light, which enables them to live in their superficial fantasies but more deadly than this, the reflection of the abyss.

Venus his mother who we also know as Inanna, Ishtar, Aphrodite, Isis etc empowers her son to reflect her soul through her mirror which Eros holds.  Being as she is the Holy Spirit, the intention of this action is to awaken a person’s conscious to the truth regarding the immortality of their divine soul and godhood.

The mirror of Eros does not lie and it can reduce a person to a humbled state when they see the truth of their reflection.  Yet without this truth, how can a person confront their ego and begin to change their ways?  From this begins the inner process of transmutation, of alchemically transforming negative aspects of their shadow into light and submitting their beastly selves which is their ego to the soul who is Venus.  This action represents the release of a persons psyche from this world so that they are not longer apart of and manipulated by illusion of the false matrix of the Earth.  It is through Eros who is the torch bearer and the guide that leads the confused through the darkness of illusion that a person reaches union with the soul and is then saved.

It was during one night where I was receiving various revelations that my Mother Inanna (Venus) explained to me that no person can know wisdom if they do not unite with love, that illumination, wisdom and understanding can only be achieved through love; everything is about love and those who do not find this divine beauty and enter this state of divine love will not understand the mysteries or the teachings of the gods.  It is very difficult to explain because this inner process is something you feel and understand but it is not something you can express in human words.

It is then that a person is accepted into the Rose Ashram of the masters, they who also aligned with the heart of the Rose who is both Eros (anagram) and his mother.  It is a divine matrix, a reflection of Venus projected from the mother herself.  It is important to learn the difference between Eros the son and light-bearer and Eros the essence which is love and a consciousness in itself.  The mysteries then begin to unveil themselves and they are no longer hidden for the eyes of the soul now see through the physical eyes of the person who is saved by Eros (love the essence) and they are no longer mind controlled by the false frequencies of the world.

We know that Aphrodite began in the consciousness of civilization as Inanna who is the personification of Venus.  From the first writings in history we learn that the Morning and Evening star is the Goddess Inanna and it is important to make her functions and attributes clearer. She was and still IS known as the Light Bringer and the one who grants access to the mysteries. Her priestesses in ancient times became the embodiment of Inanna and by doing this, had to be trained in the mysteries and not only in sacred sex.

Those who are also ‘students’ of the occult claim that the Morning Star is Lucifer and a male energy, completely dismissing that it is the Goddess who is the original holder of this title. The truth is, it is Lucifer who comes from the Goddess and it is Lucifer who is the son of Venus and her male manifestation.  The men who follow the left hand path and who claim to honour or worship the Goddess are still just as patriarchal as those on the right side because most of their organizations are made up generally by men. So, of course, they deliver Lucifer to the world as being a completely MALE energy, choosing to totally ignore the Goddess and her being the one who brings illumination and the essence of Eros as well as his true function with regards to the soul and mind uniting.

Through time the energy of the Venus Goddess has been ‘used’ during ritual to empower the workings of magicians and priestesses. The priestess invokes the Goddess so that she takes into her the essence of the Goddess and the magician or mason etc plays the role of the king or her consort. This was a fertility rite or crowning ceremony that was performed in ancient time where the high priestess of one of the Venus Goddesses and the king replayed the role of the Hieros Gamos between Inanna or Ishtar or Aphrodite etc and her husband, the dying and resurrected god. Yet this was not a loveless union; the high priestess became the mistress of the king and they shared a bond of true love for each other. Their union was for a common cause that was not entirely selfish but was for the good of humanity and was not for personal gain as kingship was delivered from ‘Heaven’ and only the Goddess could crown the king through the divine marriage.  The other most important reason for the divine marriage was to produce Eros = LOVE = and this love was reflected onto humanity to bring peace, unity and community.

As well as bringing fertility to the land, the Courtship of Inanna was performed to bring heaven to Earth and create perfection; it symbolizes the true union between the male and female energies and the godhood or the creator of ALL; it is through this Great Mirroring that the divine energies entered Earths consciousness. Through their love making they became one mind, one soul, one body and only through this becoming one and reconnecting the two halves of a divided soul through the flesh and spirit could they achieve this.

Yet this same sacred rite is performed by two people who have no deep love for each other, at least not on the basis of a true love where two souls connect and become one. The people who use the Goddess through performing sex as means to empower their workings/spells/crafting etc are basically prostituting the Goddess and taking advantage of her energy. This is not what she stands for at all.  What they are doing is not mirroring the above to the below; they are mirroring the below to the above and the energies of the abyss are entering our consciousness as the complete opposite of love/Eros.

So it is no wonder why Eros is the product of an Ero-tic union which in this case means divine love making through divine desire and not the lustful energies of the underworld which is a produce of Lilith.  Sadly, many of the ancient Greek teachings depicted Eros as a mischievous cherub who would cause people to fall in love and fall into hurt and pain.  They would also claim that he is responsible for lust and lustful thinking and totally profaned the attributes of Eros.  They also expressed a man’s relationship with his god as something sexual and lustful when this union was bound by divine love.

As humans we desire each other sexually because this is how our human minds primitively react to the need for unity and it is difficult even to explain how once you reach a higher level of consciousness that this same desire you feel for the divine is a true desire but beyond lust or the need for physical union through sex.  It is difficult also for the lower vibrating consciousnesses to understand that a sexual union with our deity is simply the merging of minds and souls and becoming the archetype and that the sexual act that takes part within and in the above is what the human language calls sexual but it has nothing to do with sex as we know it to be.

When we reach this type of level it is because we have been guided by Eros who holds his lamp and takes us to that place of understanding and he teaches us the difference between divine union with the soul and with each other physically.

Of course, physical sexual union between two adults that are joined also with Eros/love is a sacred act and even a gift, given to us to unite once again to the hermaphrodite state which enables us to re-enter Eden.

Retreating back to the stories of Eros, the ancients wrote how Eros was without meaning until he met his Psyche (soul).  As Eros is the light of the mind, he was a purely mental consciousness who lacked direction until he fell in love with his soul and so he asked a favour of god Apollo:

That is when her father went to visit the oracle of Delphi to ask Apollo for an advice on what to do to find a husband for Psyche. The prophecy of the god was terrible. Apollo decreed that Psyche, dressed in black dress, should be brought to the summit of a mountain and stay there alone. The husband that was assigned to her, a winged serpent, terrible and more powerful than the gods themselves, would come up and take her for his wife.

After their marriage Psyche was in bliss by the tender love that Eros was expressing to her but saddened that she could never see the face of her husband because he only visited and lay with her during the darkness of night.  And so, after discussing her sadness with her sisters, they told her that her husband must be a terrible monster and told her kill Eros with a knife and so that night Psyche took an oil lamp to guide her and shone it on the face of Eros while he was sleeping whom she saw was the most beautiful man she had ever seen.

After thanking the gods Psyche made a noise which startled Eros awake.  Eros afraid, ran in terror from the room and Psyche stricken with grief at the loss of her husband went in search of her Eros.

She visited the temple of his mother, Aphrodite, to ask the Goddess of Venus to bring her son back into her arms. The Goddess Aphrodite, who is Psyche in matter, gave her three tasks that she must complete.

Tired and desperate from the tasks Aphrodite had given her to complete, Psyche fell into a deep sleep after journeying into the underworld.  The gods who had been watching felt compassion for Psyche and sent Hermes to Eros to recount to him the trials that his wife had endured at the hands of his mother.  Eros swiftly went to find his bride who he found in his mother’s garden.

As a wedding gift, Zeus gave Psyche the ambrosia of the gods to drink so that she could become a Goddess and immortal to remain with Eros forever.

In this story we can understand that this is the journey of the soul, searching for love and light in the darkest places.  We understand that there is always divine guidance and love poured onto us yet the soul has to experience the darkness to appreciate the light and that the path to illumination is hard and tedious.

We are also taught how the mind (Eros) was not ready to face the soul (Psyche) for during this time when the mind was sleeping (unconscious), it was the soul who held the lamp and forced the mind to awaken to the soul with which the mind became scared and ran from the soul.  But as we know, the soul never gives up and in order for the mind to become illuminated, the soul must first experience the mysteries in order for the consciousness to expand.  It was the soul who taught this light to the mind and once the mind was consciously aware of its soul, it could no longer rebel and be afraid of union.

And so, we learn how through LOVE/EROS we are lifted to our own godhood and through this story we understand how the mind and love is bound with the soul for an eternity.

Returning to the mysteries of Inanna who is Venus, it is she that was known by the ancients to be the first deity who descended into the underworld to rescue man from materiality and who guided him back to her womb.  She is the light, after all, and as her manifestation through her son, she continues to do the same thing.  The road to her is littered with obstacles and distorted mirrors but with the help of the gods, faith and the light of the light bearer, we can make it back home.

It is no coincidence that she is the Goddess of love as well as the Goddess of the mysteries because it is only through pure love and divine desire can we reach illumination.  Without love, the ancient texts keep their secrets hidden; without love, the veil of the astral light continues to keep the divine teachings concealed.  The only way is love; love is the law and without obeying this law, illumination is only a far away star.

It is through these mysteries through history of the Mother and her son/consort, the dying and resurrected sun god, which leads us to the same mysteries that Jesus taught with his Mary Magdalene who is yet another manifestation of Venus and the hope that once again we will be blessed with the consciousness and love of Eros.

Art by Olga Kuczer

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