The Apollo Code

“Accumulate your thoughts to the foremost center of your sight and there you shall find the sun which sits within the eye and this eye is the Eye of Apollo and the basis of the Apollo Coding.


Every son and daughter of mine is the opener of the gate of light and deep within one of my daughters is stored my codes of initiation and she is the one who writes these words that are being shared among you. The codes are the generic forms of the basis of the divine archetypes of the cosmic powers of the universe intervening in humanity. Can you understand this? Let me explain to you more.

An anointing is a gift which enables a man or woman to enter into the rays of my light which is OF the sun and note that I say OF the sun for I am not THE sun but a representation of IT and the consciousness of a combined solar pattern that is inhabited and inhabitant of each of the solar avatars and which makes up the SOLAR IN MAN. Nanaea, write this down; put the Gematria codes to understand its meaning.


Redeem yourself with truth and that means open your heart to the essence of LOVE that is EROS and the ROSE who also is the bride and the dove and the true coiled mega-serpent of Delphi. How can you slay the beast and obtain the ROSE if you are the constant slave to the will OF the beast? Awaken now, and if you shall not, do not utter my name on your lips because your tongue is a liar that believes it speaks OF me but really you are a charlatan who tries to speak FOR me. Every word you utter about me is a blasphemy when you are spitting in the face of the gods and the divine plan created for your path. For you I am neither a diplomat nor a democrat; I am a DICTATOR.

Let me continue.

What is the foundation of all love and knowledge? It is the communion of opposites and the commitment to divine marriage.

How can I stand for either side if I am from AP OL ON??? Is not the sun EVERYWHERE? And so I choose the middle way and sit in the heart that is the place where the light of love is produced and so I am the divine groom who kisses his sister within the heart, she who is the twin of the sun, who is Venus. See past perversions when I explain that my sister is my divine counterpart and my consort and know that any breach against her covenant and any insult towards her shall be met with the shard of sun that is blacker than the soul of Saturn.

Now you shall hear MY words said to you through my daughter who is the reflection of my bride who is also very much like me for she is where all polarities meet and the center of the Rose in bloom. Some of what is being told you I permit to be revealed and much will not be told to you but stored within my daughter.

There are eight levels of consciousness that the initiate must pass through in order to meet the sun. You must pass through all eight levels in order and follow the patterns of light that are dancing on the ladder to the sun which is my bride. At each level you must face your nemesis that shall bleed your soul dry into the cup of my bride and you must give this willingly otherwise you shall not die and you shall not be reborn.

These eight levels of consciousness are brought into human reality level by level by my divine bride for she is the eight and she is the supreme god among gods. As the sun sits within the heart so must you take the middle path and enter into the heart but know that it is not easy and only the worthy can pass through the gates.

The coding of the seven frequencies of my Lyre can only be obtained through EROS who shall attract you with the light of the astral that radiates from his mirror. If you are of goodness then this light shall be the true light but if you have hate and lies in your heart, then this mirror will be the reflection of all that is false and it shall lead you deeper into the Illusion of Pan. What is the Illusion of Pan? It is the lust for all things material and the hunger for the beast.

If you pass the coding of each level then shall be asked by Venus:

“Do you pledge allegiance to the Rose?”

And if you say yes yet you lie you shall be led down into the abyss. If you do not pledge then again, you shall be taken down into the abyss. If you do pledge your allegiance then you shall move in to the next level and again be shown the path you are meant to follow where you will be anointed and become the master of that path.

There are those who take the cowards way, who delve into the dark arts and there are cowards who choose to forget the divine plan. There are those who are turning their backs on their divine ancestors and not following their Thelema. At the end of each level you shall be tested and you cannot lie because nothing can be hidden from the one eye that sees everything and no thing.

And what are these levels and when does the seeker know he is at the end of each level? This is something that no being can tell because no two roads are the same and no two initiations are the same; it comes in its own divine timing when the seeker is deemed ready by the initiators of the solar and Venusian mysteries.

The coding of Apollo is something that is understood and learned by the seeker. As nature is divinely programmed to be as it is so are those divinely programmed with the Apollo Code and it is a cognizant frequency which is instilled within the cellular memory and which needs to be unlocked and this can only be done by following the middle path that I have created before. To understand me and this code then you need to understand my patterns and follow my example. I have designed many sacred blueprints within you of how you must conduct yourself on my path and hold and enact the Apollo Code as a way of life in your material existence and these are:

There is NOTHING above love!
This is the first code of conduce you must follow and the most important of them all! All light, wisdom, knowledge and knowing is held within love and manifests from love and this can be human and divine. Love should be lived for and died for! Earthly love is the beginning of divine love which is the BEGINNING of WISDOM!

Unite the opposites within and around you!
Collapse dualism in every aspect of your life and inside of you. I stand on ALL SIDES and unite them in the center so through the arts of Eros on all spiritual and sexual levels, BECOME ONE with your chosen opposite.

Serve the Gods and the Divine Plan!
Do not sacrifice your sacred programming to your ego. Understand that your body is a piece of meat and a carriage that carries out the work of your higher self which is in obedience to the Divine Plan and the Thelema of the Gods. Do not sacrifice those whom the Gods brought into your life for your ego’s sake; these are your gifts and your staircase to ‘Heaven’. Should you insult the gifts given to you by the Gods then you have proven yourself to be a ‘goat’ and you shall know the night.

Walk the Divine Way!
Choose the middle path and keep yourself holy; do not sway left nor right; do not carry out physical, mental, spiritual or emotional acts that are not within the limits of the middle path.

Choose which God/god you Serve!
What you do and how you conduct yourself shall determine which side of the Gods you shall receive. Should you tether yourself to materialistic and Earthly desires, to unproductive acts that are outside your Thelema and not a service to the gods then you shall receive the beast as your god and become a slave to its wiles. If you continue to make choices that are against the divine plan of the cosmos and your own personal Thelema then you shall also know the beast for you have chosen the beast above the divine and all the gifts they have given you.

Be Grateful for every Lesson!
What you pass and experience has been placed before you to make you a better vessel of the divine way in order to share the love which nothing resides above. Do not complain for your lot for your lot is your tools to ascension and soul evolution.

Respect your Free Will!
Free Will is also a gift and you must use it wisely and prove that you are worthy to have the power to make your individual choices. As always there is a catch; should you choose to wield your free will towards things that is against your Thelema and harms others and is not entwined with the essence of Eros then you shall understand the outcome of rebelling against the laws of the universe. Should you align your free will with that of your divine essence and the divine plan which you are also a manifestation of then you shall know rewards from the universe. CHOOSE WISELY!

The codes of the gods in general are put in place to give humanity a structural guideline and should they choose all that is below love and the divine laws then they are not punished BY the gods but by THEIR ACTIONS for every action has a reaction; every cause has an effect; you can either go WITH the flow of the universe and be obedient to its laws that even the gods must abide by or you go AGAINST it and suffer the consequences of your choices. Know that there is no god who has the power or the want to save you from the lessons of these consequences; you are responsible for yourselves.

If you keep my codes and live them as Your Way then you will allow the codes divinely programmed within you to be unlocked from their root then you shall grow in all ways and you shall find your way out of the darkness and into the light and through this shall begin your initiation process. You will understand when it happens for you for you do not understand it right now; you CANNOT understand anything until you begin to experience it. Just remember these words when your time comes because you will understand how you are in alignment of understanding with everything I have said.”

After Father Apollo has finished with his dictation I then begin to ask him some questions which I am personally curious about:

Helen: “Father Apollo, may I ask you, I know someone who continues to say there is only one god and that this one god is a male god and that you, as Apollo, is THE god. What can you tell me about this?”

Father Apollo: “What do YOU believe, Nanaea?”

Helen: “My Lord, of course you know that I know that this is not truth but I wished for you to answer this question.”

Father Apollo: “Any person who says that there is only one god is a fool as there is not only one cosmic force in the universe and neither is the ALL one but many. Any person who claims that the gods have ethnic identities is also a fool as the gods are the gods are every pantheon to all cultures.

The Supreme Being is the Mother and from Her came all things and unto her all things return. It is She who gives birth to universes and it is She who is Master and Lord of all things.”

Helen: “Father, then why did you slay the serpent that was the guardian of Gaia, Mother Earth, at Delphi? What was the purpose of destroying the guardian of the Omphalos which represented the center of the Earth?”

Father Apollo: “In this story created by the Greeks as an adaptation of the same story before regarding Marduk slaying of Tiamat, the omphalos represented that the rules and ways of Earth had been set and could therefore no longer be changed. The only way to enable Earth to evolve was to remove approach the omphalos in order to direct it. The serpent, as Tiamat, represented all that was material and in order for the new consciousnesses to be created into Earth reality, its representation was needed in order to create materially so of course, this is the same story that was written before about the god whom has my original name and my origin in human consciousness.

The omphalos, the BELLY of Gaia, was what the Serpent protected and it was with this that all matrices could be created. You understand that I did not slay or kill anything; this is just an allegory of gaining power over reality.”

Helen: “Father, what do you feel about how the ancient and some modern Greeks depicted you to be? I understand what you are and know your archetype yet many are so ignorant to you and of you yet claim to worship you. What can you tell me about this?”

Father Apollo: “Did you know that I saved the one whom they call ‘Helen of Troy’? She represents the light of the divine. You know the stories throughout history of how Helen, who is the Holy Spirit or Shekinah in matter, the avatar of Aphrodite who is Venus, is rescued by a Christ manifestation. Think about this.

As for what was written I say that they never knew or understood me at all and created an image of a god that did not contain my coding. I am not responsible for their blasphemies or their perversions neither will I be the one who carries their egos and their countless errors. I, as this archetype and just as all of the gods, have my female consort. Remember; Venus is also the allegories of the Moon and the Earth and all three are one and my bride.”

Helen: “No, Father, I did not know that you saved Helen but of course I will search the ancient texts for this story. What can you tell me about what is happening right now in our world such as the Middle East?”

Father Apollo: “You have already been told to prepare for what is to come. You know that there will be more destruction and more lives left. Humanity is trying to balance itself; right now it is suspended in a state of confusion and it is moving from one extreme of the poles to the other. The pressure is building up, my holy Nanaea, and what happens when pressure builds up? You know. Because of the chaos on Earth, the universe is responding with the same chaos towards it and it is attracting negative attacks from outside your planet. Earth is creating disharmony in the universe so the universe is attacking it but even this is going through its own changes and ‘rebooting’ so do not think that it is just Earth that is going through this transition; all life forms, all consciousnesses and the cosmos itself is shifting because this is the new aeon. Welcome to the new age, Nanaea; it is going to be a very tough ride. Hold on and have faith for from every catastrophe comes the calm. Order will shortly be restored. But until then, do not surrender nor give in to life’s troubles because you must all be strong mentally and spiritually for the coming decades.”


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