The 13th Dimension of Christ Consciousness

Within the duality of the reign of both the King/Queendom, humanity shall enter the 13th state which is the Christ consciousness of BEING. Humanity shall be elevated within the balancing harmonics of clarity, as the frequencies of humanity shall be raised to a degree of divine replacement so that humanity can once again live among the gods. Christ consciousness of being means a state of divine escalation and the ability to live with your ancestors, the Anunnaki, once again.

The 13th dimension is where the 13th warrior resides. The 13th is the ONE who is the example to all, of how to rise to the state of the Christ consciousness as they become anointed by the hands of universal cosmic power. The 13th state is the avatar state where all humans will become Christed and shall all become Christ.

Humanity is not as far away from the 13th dimension as you think. If humanity returns to balance through the sacred marriage of the divine representations of the masculine and feminine on Earth and they join the egg and the seed, this shall bring the birth of the new King. Earth will then travel on the Ark of ascension and reach this 13th state. Not everyone is needed to consciously take part in this; it only takes the representations of the divine masculine and feminine on Earth to unite and produce the child and this child will do the rest.

The 13th is the Christed one; he is the messenger, the example, yet so is his consort the 13th as the number of the Goddess is also 13 and there are 13 moons in a year which she represents. Remember that balance must be held in place and so know it is impossible for the King to be alone on Earth without his Queen.

This is the epiphany and the epitome of the divine plan for human beings and for the Earth consciousness itself, for though she, Earth, travels through the different dimensions with humans on board, she has already entered her many states of altered evolution yet not all of humanity was included in this knowing and enlightenment due to their own sleep state.

The divine gene is within you but it is not in its purest form due to the thousands of years of brainwashing intended to make you forget who you truly are and who your ancestors are. You have, over time, de-evolved and are now living in a spiritual catatonic state though of course there are many who have emerged from this cocoon of ignorance and illusion.

The human created masks of deception that humans had placed over the face of the gods shall begin to fall away as the true light and illumination of who we are will begin to shine and emanate through the false matrix that has been manifested as your reality. Your world is now in fire need of revelations where the unbelievable is made believable and the impossible is made possible.

Not many humans know this, but you each have an Anunnaki guide who you can consult for advice on how to live a spiritual life and how to incorporate your spirituality into your daily life so that it becomes a WAY of life. As you were created by the Anunnaki, each human, during the early times could prophecy, and you still CAN prophecy but you have forgotten. Oh! It pains us at how you have forgotten about who you are.

There are so many doorways for you each to take; so many entries and exits. All can take you where you need to travel during your astral journeys. But know that the spirals of time are turning and you shall experience more illuminating moments in your lives and in the grand scheme of things and all the happenings, you shall no longer feel small, insignificant or too unimportant to do anything and make a difference in your world; you shall realize just how mighty you are and how your very presence on Earth is felt by all who reside there with you.

Balance and peace through love. Focus on being the sacred vessels that you are to channel and direct the divine energies that flow through you and offer this power to all you meet.

Art by Krystleyez


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