A Message from Venus: Venusian Energies on Earth

During the stargate/channel opening ritual, I begin to see the face of a woman coming towards me from a very bright planet. She has long, dark brown hair with a pastel pink and purple head band tied at the side of her head. I begin to see her whole body and see that she is wearing a Grecian type robe of the same colours. Her eyes were an unusual brown colour, but this may have appeared unusual because they were so deep and knowing. She is smiling, and I see such love and illumination emitting from her whole being. I asked her what her name was and she told me her name was ‘Merlaina. I know that I recognize this vibration so well and so when she asked me, “Would you like to come with me back to Venus?” I immediately agreed.

In less than a second I found myself with my guide in another reality. All around me there were lots of trees and plants and flowers. The land was rich and fertile. There were rolling hills and small waterfalls and streams. The air was clean. The sky was blue with a few clouds.

I feel this is my true home. I know this place so well. I feel my emotions build up within me and I begin to cry. The only problem I am experiencing is pain at the front of my head as my human consciousness is trying to regulate itself and vibrate at the frequency of Venus. I know that this is a consciousness I have not connected with directly before in this life time as every other time I feel the connection in different parts of my head.

Helen: Where are we? How can this be Venus? How can any being live on Venus?

Merlaina: This is the planet Venus but not the Venus you and your scientists know about. This is a dimension we moved to with the consciousness of Venus. When a planet is no longer alive we must leave and so we move into an alternative reality of that planet.

Helen: What dimension do you reside in?

Merlaina: This is the 9th dimension.

I notice that I see so many sunflowers everywhere. During the time of this meeting I forget to ask why and neither do I know whether this is just a symbolic meaning for me to research or if the sunflower is a flower that grows abundantly all over Venus.

I ask her where the other Venusians are and she leads me across some small fields and into a clearing where there are lots of young children playing. There are children of different skin and hair colours and they are playing so beautifully together. They are hugging, kissing each other on cheeks, holding hands, having fun with the vegetation around them and my heart just swells with love and happiness. Their innocence is what I feel deep within my soul and what I feel right now while I am on Venus; that this whole consciousness is one of divine love and innocence.

I ask Merlaina who these children belong to and she tells me they are new souls waiting to be born on different planets. Of course, I begin to cry once again. I am full of emotion and my heart Chakra is very wide open.

My Earth mind is screaming with sadness at how Earth has become, how we, as souls, love each other regardless of our differences, yet on Earth we are enemies of each other just because of the smallest differences. I feel that Venus is a place of unconditional acceptance and love and it is so difficult for me to keep the channel open and not just move back into my human state and recoil from the shock of this reality and human reality.

Merlaina rubs my arm and looks deep into my eyes. I understand that she knows what thoughts are in my head. She asks me to follow her again and I do so. Not far from this spot we come upon a place where there are adult men and women laughing and giggling. I feel such happiness bubble up from inside of me. These men and women seem to be flirting with each other. Merlaina explains to me what I am watching:

Merlaina: This is the mating place. What you are watching is the dance of the sacred masculine and feminine. Men and women from all over Venus come to meet here. Their soul looks to find their twin and the connection is instant and they recognize each other. Watch more.

I see a connection happening. A man and a woman who are twins look at each other and a light, like a starburst erupts between them. They are mesmerized by each other and seem immobile for a few seconds. They walk towards each other, smile at each other, kiss, and then they join hands and walk away from the others out of sight.

Merlaina says we will follow them so that I may understand. I feel that I am interrupting something very private but she tells me it is ok, it is my learning and what I must tell others on Earth. I follow her.

I see the couple and witness their love making. Again, emotions engulf me from seeing this display of beauty and divine love. I am grateful for seeing this and I am glad I witnessed this. Merlaina takes my hands and I know it is time to leave this place. As we are walking through the fields there is a pond and around the grassy surroundings is an altar and on this altar is a symbol which I have seen on Earth and which will be included in this article/channeling.


Behind this altar is a huge statue of one of the earliest images we have found of Venus on Earth. At the base there are offerings of flowers of different kinds but they are all pink, red or white.


I then see behind the statue and I see a huge tree and I know inside of me that this is the tree of life.

Merlaina: Let us sit so I can explain some things to you. And so we sit at the base of the Goddess statue.

Merlaina: You and your beloved come from Venus. Yes, you come from many places, but these are the energies that you resonate with. He is the morning star and you are the evening star on Earth; you are both representations of Venus on Earth. The tree behind the Mother is indeed the tree of life. How is it here? I will teach you something.

What you call Eden, the Sanctuary of Nibiru, the Kingdom, and Dilmun on Earth is the projection of Venus.

This is a place where no one becomes sick, there is no hate, no one dies, we only transform and transmute.

This is a place of phases, of creation and the Anunnaki wanted to create this reality on Earth and so they did. It is with the Venus energies that life could be created and every place on Earth reflects the consciousness of one of the celestial bodies which are the planets.

And so, the tree of life had to be projected also on Earth and you know that Inanna was the one who planted the tree of life on Earth and as you know she is the Goddess of Venus in matter. I am going to take you somewhere and what you will see and what I will tell you there will cause great shock in your mind but I need you to stay focused, Hawa.

Helen: Hawa? What other name do you have for me on Venus?

Merlaina: Astar. Nanaea. You know. Your beloved is, as you know, Marduk. But we also call him Joshaviah.

Note: On researching Hawa after this channeling/vision I discovered that ‘Hawa’ is the Arabic word for ‘Eve’. We also discovered that ‘Joshaviah’ is Hebrew for ‘God makes equal’.

We rise from our seated position and we continue walking. In the middle of a field I see a temple with huge columns.

Merlaina: This is the Hall of Memory, where all of the records of Earth are kept. Of course, many planets have libraries like this. Let us proceed. We walk up the steps and in front of two huge doors, two beings that look like Angels are guarding them. I am puzzled. Why would there be Angels here? Why would this be their job?

Regardless, we walk through the doors and before me is a large staircase leading upwards. We ascend and reach the first floor and there are tables and chairs and rows and rows of books of all kinds. Merlaina asks me to sit and as I do so, she brings a large book and places it in front of me. There is a symbol on the front of the book; a silver symbol. It is the pentagram with a serpent winding around it.

Helen: Why were there Angels at the doors?

Merlaina: I said to you to not be shocked and to stay focused on what you see. The Angels are the workers of the Anunnaki. Me, we, all of us here, are the nation of the Anunnaki. We are their people.

Yes, Hawa. The Angels are the Igigi. When the Anunnaki descended to Earth they took with them many of our people and also the Igigi helpers. In time, when humanity was created, the Igigi were put as teachers to humans. Instead of teaching them civilization they began to teach them the mysteries. They disobeyed the gods. This is why they were called ‘fallen’ by many of you on Earth. Of course, not all of them disobeyed.

Helen: Why would you not want humanity to learn the mysteries? Did the Anunnaki want to keep them ignorant?

Merlaina: No, of course they did not want humans to be kept ignorant. But there are many considerations. There are many dangers in revealing things to beings that are not ready for such learning’s. Would you give a small baby a huge knife to play with? As you have been told by the Peacock god; wisdom, the word, can cut you if you do not understand it and you abuse it.

Merlaina begins talking to me in what seems to be Hebrew or Aramaic. I ask her why and she explains to me that the Angels taught this language to the Jews.

Merlaina: Now I want you to open the book and read what you are able to see.

I open the book and I this is what I read: “2012

Due to a great corruption of thinking the allied forces came together and sent their avatars to Earth. These avatars have programmed into their cellular memories their missions and how they can contribute to Earth empowerment, human ascension and the freedom of that species. These avatars are messengers, representatives of many different tribes across the galaxy. The Anunnaki are the keepers of Earth and have agreed to work within the laws of the Universal Council of Light.

A duration before 2012 see the return of the Royal Guards of the Celestial Lords and Ladies that are the planets. They are known as the returning Ascended Masters. Those known as the Kumara’s shall return. All but one will incarnate by 2012. After this time there shall be the return the Corn King.

No descent to reside on Earth in non human form has been decided though there is a great possibility for this to change depending on the consciousness among humanity.

The merge of Earth consciousness and the Kingdom will be felt strongly. Returning Masters but work to aiding the merge to be a smooth operation. If there is not sufficient ascension among humans then this merge will carry on regardless and it shall be forced. Please see below for illustrations:

Below the writing a small screen appears which turns on when I touch it. I see two planets and one is Earth and the other I understand is the kingdom. I see the kingdom forcing itself into Earth consciousness. It is pounding Earth to break down the created matrix to allow it entry.

New writing begins to appear below the screen that says:

“Messenger, she who is witnessing this. Ensure that you relay this message back to Earth for it is imperative that all work towards making this mergence a smooth one. All must work towards awakening each other. Those who have been sent with their mission to create your new world must work harder than ever before.”

I see no more writing and so Merlaina closes the book and tells me to look around.

As I begin to walk around I see there are sections showing different events in history on Earth. I begin to understand it is like a museum as well as a library.

I am beginning to feel tired and I know I cannot stay any longer. I hug and thank Merlaina. It has been a very emotionally exhausting journey but I am grateful for the learning.


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